Women Shoes for Flat Feet

The bottom of the adult foot has an upward curve, called an arch, that appears at the midfoot area. You have flat feet when the arches of your feet are flattened, such that your entire soles touch the floor when you are standing.

Flat feet can arise from a variety causes such as:

• genetic disorders present from birth
• excessive foot stress leading to stretched or torn tendons
• broken or dislocated bones
• health conditions such as arthritis, cerebral palsy or diabetes
• obesity
• age
• pregnancy

Many people with flat feet experience no pain and get along with daily life just like everyone else. However, some may experience pain in the feet, ankles, lower legs, knees, hips or lower back. It is important for this group of people to wear comfortable shoes with adequate support, and, if necessary, to add further support by inserting orthotics into their footwear.

Over at The ShoeCo., we have carefully selected a range of orthotic-friendly shoes made by world-renowned shoemakers, which are suitable for people with flat feet. Vionic footwear, for example, features the award-winning Orthaheel technology, which helps to restore natural foot function. Another quality brand, Ziera, makes shoes that come with inlays that offer superior cushioning and support, and can be removed to create room for therapeutic orthotics if required.

Come over to our outlets today, and let our experts help you find a pair that’s just right for you.