Shoes for Bunion Feet

A bunion is a bony bulge that develops around the joint of the big toe. If not addressed early, bunions may eventually cause the big toe to extend inwards to rest either above or below the second toe, and may impair a person’s ability to walk properly.

The signs and symptoms of a bunion include:

• A bony bulge on the joint of your big toe
• Swelling, redness or soreness the big toe joint
• Thickening of the skin at that area
• Corns or calluses (these often develop where the big toe and second toe overlap)
• Restricted movement of your big toe, sometimes accompanied by persistent or intermittent pain

While bunions may develop due to pre-existing medical conditions such as arthritis, they can also be due to prolonged wearing of tight, ill-fitting shoes, especially those with constrictive toe boxes, which gradually mould the bones into an unnatural shape.

For people afflicted by bunions, it is important to invest in a pair of well-fitting, orthotic-friendly shoes, which can be highly effective for pain relief. Not only are such footwear designed with technologies to provide all-round support and comfort, they also allow you to insert orthotics to provide further alleviation from discomfort and improve posture. For instance, a bunion pad placed just behind the big toe joint, on the bottom of your foot, can redistribute your weight while you are walking and take pressure off your big toe. Many of the styles available from Ziera and Solidus are adjustable at the forefoot, and come in different widths, allowing you to personalise the fit of your shoes.

If your bunions are causing you pain and impairing your ability to walk properly, head over to any of our outlets today. We have a range of shoes specially designed for feet with bunions and made by established specialist shoemakers, and our experienced store personnel will help you find a pair that best suits you.