Project Description

Naboso Form Insoles

Why be passive in your arch support when you can be active with the Naboso Form.

Unlike other arch supports which make your feet weaker, the Naboso textured arch support is the first and only textured insole that is designed to make your feet stronger.

The Naboso Form combines mechanical arch support with a neuro-stimulating texture which is proven to reduce foot fatigue and arch pain by increasing overall foot awareness and foot posture.

Size Men’s  Women’s
N1 4-4.5 6-6.5
N2 5-5.5 7-7.5
N3 6-6.5 8-8.5
N4 7-7.5 9-9.5
N5 8-8.5 10-10.5
N6 9-9.5 11-11.5
N7 10-10.5 12
N8 11-11.5
N9 12-13