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As the time-honoured saying goes, we all have to stand on our own two feet, figuratively – and literally too.

Given that we spend a lot of time standing and walking, getting ourselves from point A to point B (remember that we are encouraged to target for 10,000 steps a day?), you ought not to be surprised to learn of the importance of foot health and the role it contributes towards our overall well-being.

The key to attaining and maintaining good foot health is quality footwear that provides a comfortable fit and adequate support. While there is ample scientific and medical evidence to convince even the most obstinate sceptic, we urge you to call upon good old common sense: how can it possibly be healthy to jam our feet into awfully constricted toe boxes, then arch them so unnaturally upwards with 4-inch stiletto heels?

Prolonged wearing of ill-fitting shoes leads to a host of afflictions such as bunions, planta fasciitis, hammer toes, calluses, blisters, knee and spine problems that can severely affect our quality of life.

Therefore, all of us at TheShoeCo insist on the highest quality, good fitting and comfortable shoes for all our customers. Combining sensible designs and the latest technologies with comfort and fashion, our collection is versatile enough for any occasion, be it work or play. But most importantly, our mission is to ensure your well-being and comfort!



All Arche craftsmen will cite the three fundamental elements that are integral parts of Arche quality and which contribute to footwear comfort, namely: shape, material, and soles.



Founded in 1910, Solidus is backed by over a century’s worth of solid shoemaking experience and expertise, so you can expect nothing less than world-class quality from this company which offers a wide variety of sandals and smart-casual footwear.



For nearly 30 years, since the company’s founding in 1989, dedicated BeautiFeel craftsmen have been conscientiously making top-of-the-line luxury shoes for ladies based on these tenets.



If you are looking for serious footwear that relieves heel, leg or back pain, the science-infused Vionic shoes may just be the answer for you.


Dr. Comfort

Dr. Comfort provides a neat solution by designing therapeutic footwear that combines comfort, quality and style. Yes ladies, you heard it right – Dr. Comfort shoes are good looking!



With your wellbeing and comfort as maxims, the Ziera designer chooses only the best natural materials, such as high quality leather, that moulds to your feet.

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Here at The ShoeCo., we have a good variety of quality footwear that would care and protect your feet!

All the brands we carry like Arche, BeautiFeel, Dr. Comfort, Solidus, Vionic and Ziera are all reputable for extremely comfortable and beautiful footwear. We aim to bring the best to YOU.
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