Here’s What Our Customers Says About Our Shoes!

I had such an awesome experience with Auntie Annie! Her service was impeccable despite the slightly longer waiting time due to her being alone dealing with quite a few customers!
Thank you Auntie Annie and shoeco!
I would like to compliment Joanna and Florence for the wonderful service I have received from them over the years. The service they provide is in a different dimension. They don’t stand around and just answer questions, they are proactive to help and solve problems. I have really difficult requirements and chronic foot pain, and they have patiently listened to my needs and gave constructive suggestions that helped me find shoes that helped my feet. Please give them the rewards that they truly deserve.
I am one of those guilty of not taking good care of my feet . I spent many years trying to balance them steadily on stilettos. This resulted in chronic backache, pain in the knee at times and lately plantar fasciitis.

This CNY I decided to pamper my feet with a pair of ballet pumps from The ShoeCo. This was my second pair and they not disappoint! They look lovely and are amazingly comfy. The best pair of shoes that I have ever worn! My feet fit snuggly into the well cushioned shoes. There is adequate arch and heel support for my ankle. And it is so light that I can walk for hours without feeling tired nor feel any ache in my lower back, knees or heels.

Your service is impeccable too! After measuring and finding that my left foot is smaller than right, your staff went the extra mile and added an extra insole during my first visit that fits so comfortably. On my second purchase she remembered and automatically added the extra insole! Now both my feet are happy! Thank you so much!

And now my hubby is asking me “Do they have shoes for guys as well?”

Happy Feet
I made the trip to Tanglin Mall all the way from Serangoon hoping to get my first pair of Zieras for my aching flat feet, so you can just imagine how upset I was finding out the shoes I wanted ran out of my size. Fortunately, the staff more than made up for it. Zan, who was working the store at the time, happily offered to see whether the other branches had my size, which one thankfully did. He wrote down the design details at the back of a Shoe & Co. calling card, advised me to call the other branch ahead again to be 110% sure they still had my shoes, and waved me off with a smile. The effort may or may not have been SOP, but what I truly appreciated was that Zan did it all with patience and a positive attitude. And he did it on top of having to clear half a dozen other pairs that I had likewise tried on but didn’t end up getting. Ladies, we know how delicate our relationship is with sales people, especially when they start realizing that none of what they’ve been offering seem to be doing it for you. If all their staff is like Zan, then let me tell you, shopping at the Shoe & Co. will definitely be a uniquely pleasant and enjoyable experience in itself. Keep up the good work guys!
Pauline Oyco
I am Malaysian and was told about a range of comfortable shoes from The ShoeCo. by a friend who lives in Singapore. I have quite a bad bunion problem and finding comfortable and pretty shoes are a challenge for me. My feet are also quite wide and an old injury causing shortening in the leg and hence knee problems have also limited my choice of shoes. I have been a customer of The ShoeCo. (known before as Heel & Toe) since 2007 and never fail to pop by their stores when I visit Singapore. Their Ziera shoes accomodate for my bunions and the quality sole helps with my knee pain. I am so happy to have found a store with very nice ladies who help me with what is best for me. Thank you.
Julia Lim, 74
The ShoeCo. has long been my go-to shoe boutique. As I have size 42 feet, it’s difficult to find beautiful and comfortable dress shoes. The sales staff there knows my feet so well, I need only mention the style I want, and she will know what size and width will best fit me. Not only that – given my uncommon size, The ShoeCo. goes the extra mile and places special orders for me so that I’m able to get my hands (and feet) on the latest colours and trends!
Jamilah M Salleh, 43
I injuired my feet from a fall many years ago, and have had to wear orthotics ever since. Thank goodness for The ShoeCo.! I have been a loyal customer since 2004. I love my fashion and it is almost impossible to find trendy shoes that will fit my orthotics. The ShoeCo. is the only place that stocks such a wide range, from dressy shoes to casual sandals. The team there is also very familiar with my fit and styles that suit my feet. Although I have now moved to California, I still buy my shoes from The ShoeCo.! I particularly love their on-trend sneakers – just what I need in sunny California!
Hoang Thi Muoi, 42
When it comes to shoes, comfort is very important to me. But as a professional, it is also important that my footwear goes with my work outfits. One of my added challenges is finding shoes to accommodate my bunions. That’s why I love The ShoeCo. Not only do they have shoes that meet all my needs, the staff provide excellent personal service. They understand exactly the type of shoes I need and like, and even know what shoes I’ve purchased before at the tip of their fingers! It’s little wonder that The ShoeCo. has been my favourite shoe boutique for the past 10 years!
Angeline Ong, 58

Thank you so much lovely ladies of Theshoe @ Delfi orchard your patient and excellent service make feel comfortable not only bec you have the right shoe for my feet but your good service make me coming back again to buy a pair of shoes again.

Ann Oon