Comfortable Shoes for Work for Women

Working adults here in Singapore worked an average of 45.6 hours per week in 2015, which translates into over 9 hours per day. For most of us, that’s more than half of our waking hours, so the importance of wearing comfortable shoes for work cannot be overemphasized!

Professionals, especially those in the manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare or service sectors for example, may engage in a variety of activities that require walking and standing for prolonged periods, so you’d naturally want to go for footwear that ensures maximal comfort for your feet and spine. Even so, we know that comfort and sophistication should not be mutually exclusive.

At The ShoeCo., we have carefully put together a collection of shoes suitable for work. These combine style and comfort, so that you can look professional and walk easily at the same time.

For versatility, you may like to go for our selection of flat or mid-heel pumps. With their evergreen classic designs, they are suitable for your boardroom presentations and client meetings.

If you wish to give a relaxed chic vibe on casual Fridays, our range of sandals, peep toes and slingbacks will help you sport a trendy yet professional appearance.

Comfort is a central theme for us at The ShoeCo., so we have ensured that our selection of shoes suitable for work have the all the comfort-friendly features in place such as abundant arch and heel support, roomy toe boxes, all-round cushioning and other comfort characteristics.