Comfortable Sandals

In tropical Singapore, with a climate that’s warm and humid for many months of the year, it’s little wonder that we often yearn for footwear which allow for more air flow – like sandals and slip-ons – that keep our feet dry and cool. Of course it’s an added bonus that they are so easy to put on!

However, as with any other type of shoes, it is important to choose good sandals and slippers that provide adequate support while maximizing comfort, since you could very well be covering considerable distances while wearing them.

Among other things, a good pair of slippers or sandals would have flexible soles to allow natural heel-to-toe movements. You’d also want good cushioning, as well as quality material that does not cause chafing and blisters.

Whether you’re just making a quick trip to a nearby neighbourhood store, making an extended foray into the shopping district, or turning up for a party, our diverse collection from brands like Django & Juliette, Arche, BeautiFeel, Solidus, Mephisto, Vionic, Dr Comfort and Ziera will allow you to style up or dress down as the occasion requires.