Comfortable Shoes for Women

As ladies, we know footwear is not just about function. If it is, we would probably be contented with just one or two pairs…just like the men.

Instead, for most of us, it is a fashion statement and a form of personal expression. When we start our days in our favourite pair of shoes, we most certainly want to come back none the worse for wear.

But quite unfortunately, that is often not the case. Stilettos, for example, will take a hefty toll on your feet in a matter of hours, and – through prolonged wear – will set you up for long-term health issues ranging from bunions, ingrown toenails and damaged nerves, to knee problems, lower back pain and even irreversible damage to leg tendons.

Now that will indeed be a painful mess! So that’s why every one of us at The ShoeCo. insists that comfortable shoes for women are of paramount importance.

Being a company founded and run by women, we are totally at home with the diverse needs of an equally diverse group of customers. We have fashionistas at one end of the spectrum, to trendy ladies happy to sport a chic look somewhere in the middle, and then to those looking for really comfy and casual footwear for a trip to the beach or neighbourhood store.

Well, whatever you may require, we know we have the right shoes for you. We have elegantly designed dress shoes that strike the optimal balance between comfort and style, cosy casuals and sandals that pamper your feet with a snug fit. No, we don’t have safety boots, but we do have a spiffy array of ankle- and mid-cut boots for you to choose from.

For good measure, we also have specially designed orthotic friendly shoes that provide super support for flat feet, bunions and Plantar Fasciitis (heel pain).

Check out our range and take your pick from brands like Arche, BeautiFeel, Dr. Comfort, Mephisto, Solidus, Vionic and Ziera.