Ziera Shoes

ziera_logo For more than 60 years, the people over at Ziera have been passionately engaged in learning about feet, which is unsurprising since the company was founded by two podiatrists, Mervyn Adams and David Robertson.

In addition to learning about feet, the company also diligently went about researching and developing the best footwear solutions for women’s feet. Their focus on fit is particularly unique. Recognizing that no two pairs of feet are alike, they have built their business on developing shoe moulds and shoe deigns which cater to a varied range of feet.

With your wellbeing and comfort as maxims, the Ziera designer chooses only the best natural materials, such as high quality leather, that moulds to your feet.  Ziera shoes also feature adjustable straps, elastic gores and lacing systems that help contribute to a personalised fit.

A slew of advanced shoe technologies has produced a sophisticated underfoot comfort system that offers unparalleled cushioning and arch support. Additionally, carefully made slip-resistant soles, designed to keep you stable and secure, ensure that all Ziera footwear meet the highest standards for balance and stability. Most distinctly, Ziera has the most comprehensive range of orthotic-friendly footwear that caters to every possible lifestyle of the modern woman.

The result is what the company neatly summarizes as shoes that are so “luxuriously comfortable you can wear them all day, every day”. It comes as no surprise then that Ziera is Australasia’s most recommended footwear brand by podiatrists and other medical professionals.

Fashions may have changed since Ziera started business in 1946, but as the company insists – their conviction that women deserve the best of both style and comfort remains unchanged.

At The ShoeCo., we have all things Ziera, ranging from boots and dress shoes to sandals and smart-casual footwear. Come over to our stores, try on a pair, and experience the Ziera comfort and quality firsthand!