Solidus Shoes

solidus_logo For many people, Germany is synonymous with quality and durability, and this also holds true for Solidus, a highly reputable shoemaker headquartered in Tuttlingen, Germany.

Founded in 1910, Solidus is backed by over a century’s worth of solid shoemaking experience and expertise, so you can expect nothing less than world-class quality from this company which offers a wide variety of sandals and smart-casual footwear.

Solidus craftsmen select only the finest quality leathers and other high-tech materials to make footwear that combines the best of style and comfort. Fashmo, for example, is a high-performance microfibre cover material used in Solidus’ orthopedic shoes designed for physical activity. It is highly elastic and furnishes ample grip on the foot to prevent it from shifting within the shoe.

For additional comfort, Solidus has also developed a memory air-cushion middle sole, an additional layer in-between the insole and outsole, so that their footwear moulds to fit the unique shape of your feet perfectly. In a manner of speaking, we can actually say that your pair of Solidus shoes was made especially for you!

Keenly aware that feet come in all shapes and sizes, the shoemaker has put in conscientious effort to make footwear that comes in eight different widths, which collectively cater to normal feet, wide or full-bodied feet, as well as feet which require with orthopedic insoles. Add in a removable footbed that can be exchanged for other types of insoles, and what we have are shoes that are versatile enough to cater to everybody.

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