Plakton Shoes

At the ShoeCo, we are always on the hunt for the best of comfort and style. This may sound simple but it isn’t because we know feet and fit and we understand comfort. We are so pleased and excited to announce our newest addition to our carefully curated collection of brands – Plakton.

Founded in 1995, Plakton is a global brand dedicated to the production and distribution of comfort cork sandals. Cork has been the material that is used for almost every product that it has created. Exclusively handmade and produced in Spain, its mission is to bring comfortable and sustainable footwear, using the latest technology, to every corner of the world. It is dedicated to making products that are comfortable, ergonomic and natural. That is the essence of Plakton.

Plakton is a brand that cares for nature. As a specialist in the production of shoes with cork insoles, the selection of specific raw and natural materials is key to the company. The harvesting of the cork oak is an ancient process that can only (and should) be done by experts: the descortiçadores. Manual skill and expertise is required to avoid damaging the tree. This coupled with the use of the latest technology in manufacturing and production processes has enabled Plakton to become a leading brand synonymous with comfortable cork footwear in the market.