Homers Shoes

 Menorca is a beautiful, windswept island off the eastern coast of Spain, known for its lovely beaches, culture-rich towns, and lively populace with a flair for colourful fiestas.

It is from such vibrant cultural roots that Homers artisan shoes for women originate. The brand takes its name from the eponymous Menorcan family, an exclusive family-run business, which has for over 40 years dedicated itself to making high quality footwear that cleverly blends avant-garde technology with imaginative design and spirited Catalan tradition.

For ladies looking for a touch of the whimsical Mediterranean, Homers’ collection of dress shoes will be a fabulous addition to your wardrobe. Each and every pair of Homers shoes is lovingly conceptualised, designed and handmade by master craftsmen on an idyllic Spanish island, with the aim to “communicate both beauty and perfection”. For this reason, rare, special leathers – both metallic and textured – are used in the shoemaking process.

Thick platforms, broad and stable heels, and a broad forefoot – a feature seldom found in dress shoes – all contribute towards all-round comfort for your feet. So don’t be surprised when you find a 3-inch Homers shoe furnishing the comfort of a 1-inch heel. With Homers, you can literally walk tall, even over an extended duration, without the discomfort of high heels.

Homers is available exclusively at The ShoeCo.  Come visit us today and get a pair of this premium footwear!