Dr. Comfort Shoes for Women

People with diabetes have a higher tendency to be plagued by foot ulcers. An ulcer develops when an area of skin has broken down to the extent that the tissue underneath becomes visible. Such injuries could occur even after a mild injury such as stepping on a rough pebble with your bare feet.

Due to diabetes, the healing process is severely hindered, so foot ulcers are among the most common reasons for extended hospital stays for diabetics. Depending on the severity of the condition, it could take weeks or even up to several months for foot ulcers to heal.

Many health professionals hold the opinion that poorly designed footwear is a major contributory factor leading to ulceration of the feet. The problem is compounded by the fact that most therapeutic footwear is largely perceived as unattractive, thus leading to non-compliance on the part of patients to wear appropriate shoes, which in turn worsens the situation.

Dr. Comfort provides a neat solution by designing therapeutic footwear that combines comfort, quality and style. Yes ladies, you heard it right – Dr. Comfort shoes are good looking!

Founded in 2002, Dr. Comfort is today the world-leading provider of diabetic footwear, and offers a diverse range of shoe types including sneaker and trainers for athletic activities; slippers, sandals, loafers and Mary Janes for casual wear; and low- and mid-heels for formal settings. Every pair of Dr. Comfort shoes is equipped with many orthopedic features and technologies to safeguard your feet.

Dr Comfort’s classic craftsmanship and sophisticated style, combined with top-quality materials, ensure that you’ll look fantastic without compromising comfort and your wellbeing.

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