Arche Dress Shoes

According to conventional wisdom, black or brown footwear matches most easily with our clothes. They are the traditional “safe” colours.

However, that’s not how Arche see things. The shoemaker’s master artisans work with the conviction that black and brown do not and should not go with everything. You can therefore expect nothing less than a vibrant spread of colourful luxurious leather that distinguishes the Arche collection of dress shoes.

Whether you’re looking for boots, heels, dress sandals, ballerina flats or pumps, you’ll be sure to find a pair of shoes of the right type – and right colour – that will blend perfectly with your attire, making you look absolutely fabulous! Additionally, Arche dress shoes are professional looking, yet not overly elaborate, and are versatile enough for a variety of occasions and venues, ranging from the board room to less formal office settings.

Needless to say, with the shoemaker’s 40 years of handcrafting their footwear to perfection, reflecting the French passion for quality, you can rest assured that every pair of Arche shoes you buy will pamper your feet with luxurious leathers, thoughtful design born of consummate skill and state-of-the-art shoe technologies that are a guarantee of superior comfort. Each pair of Arche shoes are made exclusively in France.