Arche Shoes

arche_logo Pierre-Robert Hélaine, founder of Arche Shoes, shared his philosophy: “If you think too much, walk. If you can’t think, walk. If you think poorly, walk some more.”

Inspired by their founder’s vision, Arche Shoes craftsmen have been faithfully and meticulously making sandals, loafers, boots and shoes in the Chateau Region of France for some 40 years. Every pair of Arche shoes is carefully manufactured in France.

All Arche craftsmen will cite the three fundamental elements that are integral parts of Arche quality and which contribute to footwear comfort, namely: shape, material, and soles.


Arche Shoes artisans have dedicated time in conducting studies on contours and shapes so that their creations are always on-trend. The shapes are also adapted to meet varied needs of customers from different regions.


A luxurious selection of leathers of European origin, such as the nubuck calf, glove quality full-grain calfskin, deerskin and peccary are used in the making of each pair of Arche shoes. The choice of skins used provides the winning formula to creating incredibly comfy shoes.

These materials are traditionally tanned with extreme care which enhances the leather’s natural appearance. While retaining tradition in the making of each product, Arche shoes goes avant-garde an amazingly rich palette of colors, ranging from brilliant royal blue to bright metallic gold. You will be spoiled for choice!

Arche soles are made of 100% natural latex rubber, Lactae Hevea, which literally means milk of the hevea tree in Latin. Harvested in tropical Asia according to ancestral traditions, the latex is stored in its liquid form and then poured by hand into Arche-made sole moulds. These carefully made soles offer unparalleled comfort and durability.

So would you like to take the first step towards owning a pair of Arche shoes? Take a walk and think about that. And when you’ve made up your mind, come over to The ShoeCo.