Weddings are among life’s most important events for a woman, and obviously, she wants to look her best for this momentous occasion. The bride-to-be can expect a flurry of activities, from selecting the wedding dress, veil and hairstyle, down to choosing the right footwear.

Choosing the right pair of shoes, or more, if you’re thinking of wearing multiple pairs during the event, is not an easy job. You will realize that as soon as you start your research. They need to be stylish and timeless to match the wedding dress, and, most of all, be comfortable so you can spend the whole day and night in them without your feet feeling tired and painful. Fit and support are things you should definitely pay attention to.

Over the entire course of the wedding, starting with the solemnization, and then during the party or banquet that follows after, a bride may wear several dresses. Some brides opt for an elegant gown that they wear during the formal ceremony, but after that, they change into something more comfortable like a suit or mini dress. On the other hand, some women like to have different shoes and dresses for the wedding photoshoot as well.

The bride-to-be will be a very busy lady, and all of us here at The ShoeCo are ready to help. Here are our suggestions for beautiful (yet fabulously comfortable) shoes to go with the the perfect wedding attire.

Lace Mermaid Gown

The mermaid type of cut is typical for wedding gowns and could very well be the most popular one. You should opt for a dress like this if your figure is long and lean. Complete this outfit with lovely Kat sandals. They have kitten heels, interesting front with transparent parts combined with the patent leather. Most of all, enjoy the cushioning that will support your feet all day long!

Beautifeel Kat

Unexpected Red

Red is the color of love and passion. So why wouldn’t you choose it for your wedding footwear? Sam kitten heel sandals would certainly make a powerful impression. These shoes are stylish, chic, and most of all, very comfortable. The kitten heel is great for dancing as well as standing all day long while you entertain your guests.

Beautifeel Sam

Gold Vibes

Not all wedding dresses need to be white. Some might come in champagne, gold or silver shades. It is up to you to pick your preference! We suggest going with gold if you want to be the center of attention. Match this dress with Isla sandals for subtle sophistication. They come in multiple widths for a great fit, while buckles at the front is an embellishment that imparts a modern vibe.

Ziera Isla

Sand Shades for Party

When the ceremony is over, and everybody is already on the dance floor, some brides may want to change into something more suitable for the occasion. You can go with Fedora shoes since their block heels will give you good stability while you move about. The straps will secure your feet while you dance with your guests.

Ziera Fedora

Red is for Dance

Red Iris flats will make your feet comfortable all night long. The red dress with lace sleeves is ideal for the after-wedding party, while you dance and celebrate with your guests. If you get tired of oversized trains and gowns, go change into something more comfortable like this.

Beautifeel Iris