Intending to stop and smell the roses today?  You can go on long walks to the park or your office, enjoying the nice weather at the same time. Alternatively, you can stay home in front of the TV, or cook for your family . If you opt for the first option, that means you will need perfect shoes to help your feet feel comfy and your strolls enjoyable.

Take your pick from our array of closed toe shoes. You can either choose flats or heels– they will still be ideal for any scenario you plan to wear them to. While it is still warm outside, you can choose flats or even sandals with a closed toe. It is important for all of them to be comfy, stylish, and perfect for your feet.

We have some ideas on how to style these closed toe shoes. If you are interested, scroll down to see more.

Comfortable Workwear

If you are tired of wearing heels to work and feeling uncomfortable, then these Jolie flats might be the perfect solution. Highly versatile, you can style them with either minimalistic or printed items. The croc design they have is trendy and very eye-catching. You can match them perfectly with a patterned button-down and a denim skirt. Chic and casual, right?

BeautiFeel - Jolie

Black Leather

Don’t be afraid of leather items. When worn with the right combination, the leather dress can look pretty sexy and sophisticated. You can style it very straightforwardly for a start – with Maddy plaid block heel shoes and white checked blazer. This is an amazing and very bold look that you can wear to work, cocktail parties or for a dinner with friends.

BeautiFeel - Maddy

Casual For The Weekend Stroll

Basic T-shirts should be one of the main items in your closet. It can always save you on those I-don’t-have-anything-to-wear days. Jeans, tee, and Chanle animal print flats combination is ideal. It is a mix of comfort, style and trend all in one. Animal print is one of the leading trends of the current fashion season. You can wear these flats for long walks without feeling discomfort at all.

BeautiFeel - Chanle

Pastels Are Trendy

As you know, pastel shades dominated the spring and summer season. Admittedly, these are not typical colors to wear, and for some of you they might even seem hard to match. However, they look beautiful. For a day in your office, pair white pullover with short sleeves, blush pink wrap skirt and finish everything with fantastic Oahu soft pink flats with closed toe.

Ziera - Oahu

Earth-Toned Look

Whether it is fall, winter or summer, earth toned outfits are always welcome. Brown is the “new black” at the moment, so this brown-beige dress would be a perfect choice for you. You can wear it every day, with a pair of Etta block heel flats. Burgundy bag is a sturdy and trendy accessory for this earth-toned look.

BeautiFeel - Etta