Let’s prolong the spirit of summer with an amazing selection of pretty sandals for women. When purchasing sandals, there are a few things you should keep in mind though. Comfort always comes first. After that, they can be all that you wish – stylish, chic or effortless for a city stroll. If you are picking sandals for everyday wear, then go for block heels or flats. However, for formal occasions such as weddings, birthdays or cocktail parties, the stiletto heel is an apt choice.

Nude Is Always Welcome

Nude sandals are a must-have in every woman’s closet. They match easily with any other colour, and are thus highly versatile footwear that can go with a wide variety of apparel. Open-toe strappy sandals with low white heels are perfect for ladies that need to look great at some ceremony, but also want to enjoy superlative comfort.

Ziera - Unity

Modern Vibes

The modern and extraordinary design of these pretty sandals for women will make you the main attraction at any event. They are made of a stylish bronze material, and gives you leeway to match them with any other shade. They would go perfectly with a casual combination of jeans-t-shirt as well as with elegant dresses.

Ziera - Gable

Comfy and Pretty Sandals for Women

If you are women of action, then you need a pair of sandals that can follow wherever your feet want to go! These Lissandra sandals have adequate wedgie heels to make them comfortable for your spine, but not to make them hard for walking. The black and patterned straps make these sandals perfect for matching many types of clothes – from jeans to floral summer dresses with ruffles.

Mephisto - Lissandra Sandanyl

Strappy Classic

Classy but still very eye-catching, these Lissandra Scratch sandals will make your feet comfortable and your outfits eye-catching. The combination of brown and gold is always a good idea, and that is why these strappy sandals will make you totally chic, with a trace of the bohemian.

Mephisto - Lissandra Scratch

Square-Toe Sandals

There are moments when you want to look fabulous, but are just bored of high heels or dress shoes. Don’t worry. With sandals like Satia you will look equally business-ready as with classy stilettos. They are made in two colors – black and silver – that you can pair with almost anything. Go with pleats and checked blazer.

Arche - Satia

Gold Wedges for Every Day

Wedges are perfect for the sultry climate of Singapore. They are comfortable and versatile. These gold-shaded interlaced wedges are ideal footwear for both short and maxi summer dresses. They can also be your workwear inspiration – with a pair of chino pants and white button you can spare yourself the anguish of having to stand in front of your wardrobe, agonizing over what to wear.

Mephisto - Lottie Venise