Remember the last time when you wore your high heels for hours at work or at a club dancing the night away? If blisters, numbness, swelling, and general pain in your feet were the side effects of wearing your favorite pair of heeled shoes, we have the humble court shoes, a timeless classic with a slender heel, as a good alternative for you.

Mid-height courts are the most practical heel option and will exists in every fashionista’s wardrobe. If you’re looking at how to style them, we have just a few tricks up our sleeves:

Denim and Courts

Adding jeans to your statement court shoes is the perfect smart-casual combo especially when you don’t want to look ‘over-dressed’.

These bold Tilly courts by Ziera are ideal for balancing the simplicity of a pair of high waisted jeans that will certainly make you appear taller. Go with a stylish black top and straw bucket bag to complete a modern and classy look.

Tilly - Ziera

All Day at Work

The office is definitely not the place for killer heels. The modest, simple, feminine and professional looking court shoes will therefore make a good choice to complete your office attire.

Pair the comfortable, smart court shoes, Maddy, by BeautiFeel with a mid-length flared trousers and a blue shirt with a twist to project a confident, professional and trendy look. While you don’t necessarily need to match the colour of the shoes with your blazer or bag, having well-balanced prints or complementary colors is always a bonus.

Maddy - BeautiFeel

All Day Long

For women who love to wear heels, we strongly recommend pain-free courts. These Estella shoes by BeautiFeel will be far more comfortable than any other pumps you have.

In addition, you won’t need to change these shoes to get through a long day because they are so versatile that you can style it smart in the day and sparkling at night.

Estella - BeautiFeel

The One Pair Everybody Should Have

Electra from Ziera can easily be the most comfortable pair of court shoes you will ever wear. This is due to the arch support and cushioning plus the roomy toe box. The carefully made slip-resistant soles, designed to keep you stable and secure, will ensure that you go through all day with sophistication and elegance.

Electra - Ziera