Nursing is among the few noble professions dedicated to the lives and well-being of others. The work could be exceptional hard – and sometimes thankless too, as patients who are unwell may understandably get very irritable and impatient.

Nurses are expected to stand, walk and engage in a variety of activities for hours on end while on duty, and all this physical work takes a toll on their feet. Over time, varicose veins may start to appear, causing even more problems such as fatigue and pain. Sore and tired feet can make nurses feel extremely uncomfortable and frustrated. The solution? Good and supportive shoes that will enable them to stand for hours whilst providing comfort for their feet to continue their good work.

How our shoes can help to protect the feet

At The ShoeCo, we offer a variety of shoes with great design that are suitable for nurses. While uniforms don’t allow nurses to wear anything except white or black footwear, choices can be limited, but – not to worry! – good options are still available. Our shoes offer good arch support, which is the most important thing that nurses all around the world would need.

Black Mary Janes

Black Uptown flats are great for nurses who like to own a pair of shoes that are of good quality, and which will provide them with an extra dose of comfort. They are made to look like the evergreen Mary Janes – which means they are great for both work and casual wear. These podiatrists-approved flats offer fabulous arch support, and come in different widths, so that you can find the best fit for your feet!

White Sneakers

Even though prints are probably not encouraged, these Benny sneakers are very subtle and discreet. They have a delicate animal print that is almost invisible. Their white color will match with the nurses’ uniforms, while their awesome cushioning will make you feel like you are walking on clouds – something nurses will surely appreciate after spending long hours on their feet. These sneakers are also slip-resistant, offering stability under a variety of conditions.

Black Sneakers

Black Flynn sneakers will create a contrast between your white uniform and your footwear. They are not only trendy but also very comfortable. Their upper material feels great on the skin, so you don’t need to worry about skin irritations. Their sporty design will make your feet feel great and fashionable at the same time.

Florida Sneakers

These Florida sneakers will do a pretty nice job in making you stylish while on the job. They are also podiatrist-approved, with a removable insole, good arch support as well as ample cushioning. Your feet will thank you after a long and hard day’s work. Say goodbye to foot pain!

Black Leather Flats

These Karo black leather flats have been carefully designed to make you super comfortable. Your feet will be held firmly but comfortably in the shoe with the adjustable Velcro strap. Soft leather, as well as modern design, will make you look good and feel even better at work.