We would like to dispel the misconception that orthotic friendly shoes are for people with foot problems. While they can certainly help people who suffer from abnormalities in their feet, who are injured, or are recovering from a surgery, the popular styles of orthotic friendly heels, flats, sneakers and loafers have evolved tremendously to keep up with the tastes of today’s modern women. Well designed orthotic friendly footwear are the perfect companions for ladies who want to look stylish and feel comfortable at the same time.

If you already have foot conditions that require medical attention, these shoes are a must for you to improve your well being. On the other hand, if your feet are doing just fine, wearing orthotic friendly shoes is a wise decision that will safeguard you from complications that may arise in future.

Urban Necessities

A must-have in every lady’s shoe wardrobe is a pair of simple, high-quality sneakers in black color. Built specifically to support the heel and arch of the foot, as well as to improve posture by redistributing weight, Ziera’s orthotic friendly shoes promote healthy, normal feet and thus lower the risk of back pain, joint damage, limb swelling and other related serious medical ailments.

Ziera - Urban

Look Chic in Flat Shoes

Finding the perfect shoes to complete your elegant, yet casual checkered dress outfit won’t be a challenge once you have these beautiful Malibu sandals by revere. These lovely orthotic friendly flat sandals in champagne color are podiatrist approved, with ideal arch support and cushioning. Choose wisely and say “goodbye” to tight heels, awkward fits and all those unnecessary pain and distress!

revere - Malibu

It’s all in the Details

Ladies nowadays put up with some of the most uncomfortable calluses, bunions, and other foot deformities, as poorly designed footwear proliferate on the market.

With its diverse range of orthotic friendly shoes, Vionic offers you a plethora of options to match a variety of apparel – so you won’t have to compromise on style anymore. Known for their experience and expertise in making comfortable footwear, they offer delightfully comfortable walking shoes that are not only great for people with foot conditions, but can also be worn by those who wish to correct excessive pronation, a toe-out gait and other bad postural habits for long-term wellbeing.

Vionic - Midi

Summer Trend

If you’re looking for footwear to go with bright, cheery summer fashion, check out the adorable Isobel sandals by Ziera that will make your favorite summer outfit even lovelier.

For more comfy orthotic friendly walking shoes that are in-trend visit one of our outlets in Tanglin Mall, Great World City and Delfi Orchard today. And while you’re there, feel free to browse through our other collections of dress shoes, office footwear, boots, and casual sandals and slippers. Indulge!

Ziera - Isobel