While many women prefer classics like stilettos, there are others who opt for something more revealing, such as open-toed shoes for example. None of them are fashion faux pas on their own: these shoes are appropriate for many different occasions. However, depending on where you live, and where you plan to wear open-toed shoes, you need to know a few things. So here are some pointers for you.

The Difference Between Peep-Toed and Open-Toed Shoes

If you were wondering about the differences between open-toed and peep-toed shoes, you are now about to find out.

Technically, both types of shoes are similar in that both sport open tops. However, there are some differences in their look. While peep-toed shoes have open tops that are only 2-3 fingers wide, open-toed shoes reveal much more.

That is why you find that peep-toed shoes are considered more appropriate than open-toed ones for certain occasions that are relatively more formal.

Work, Job Interviews and Open-Toed Shoes

Can you wear open-toed shoes to work? Generally, no.  But as in every case, there are some exceptions that can be made.

In most business situations open-toed shoes are not considered sufficiently professional.  Even though these shoes can look great when paired with a business suit, they are still not widely accepted as workwear.  So, our advice is to skip open-toed shoes, whenever you are heading into a corporate setting and opt for our range of smart looking court shoes.

This same rule of no-open-toeds-allowed can be applied to job-interview attire as well.  Even if you want to stand out from other candidates, that surely doesn’t mean showing off your freshly done manicure.

Exceptions exist for everything. If you notice that your female colleagues wear open-toed shoes, consult them. Sometimes, you can find some companies more accommodating than others. If your workspace has a casual and more relaxed dress-code, then you can probably let yourself wearing open-toed shoes from time to time.

Here’s some tips on how to style with open toed shoes.

Pastel Prints

These Keata shoes from BeautiFeel seem like a perfect solution for a night out.  They are utterly comfortable, and most of all perfectly stylish to pair with any other item and colour.  Drape a white blazer over your shoulders for a more corporate look.

Keata BeautiFeel

Matchy, Matchy

Matching the colours of your shoes and top will definitely make your outfits more vibrant and eye-catching, especially when that colour is bright red.  Flared jeans work perfectly with Enorya open-toed shoes from Arche.

Enorya Arche

Back to Black and White

It is always smart and safe to get back to more classic options.  Black and white outfits with statement accessories will make you look perfectly chic and sophisticated.  You can be sure those outfits and these Egwaly shoes from Arche won’t ever go out of style.

Egwaly Arche

Patterns Mixed

Don’t be afraid of mixing different prints.  Florals and plaid actually make a pretty combination, don’t you think?  Check out your company policy about wearing flats and these lovely Lia open-toed shoes from Solidus will be an ideal choice.  Who knows, maybe they are more liberal than you think.

Lia Solidus

Classic In Red

Combination of a maxi red dress and Ziera’s Ingrid shimmery beige open-toed shoes will provide you with a look that’s both classic and comfortable.  If you’re thinking about your New Year’s Eve attire, try this combination.

Ingrid Ziera

Blush Metallics

Isla open-toed dress shoes from Ziera are delicate and understatedly dressy.  You can style them with a blush pink skirt and polka dot blouse – you will be guaranteed a perfect and elegant look.

Isla Ziera