Every year, we witness numerous fashion trends make grand entrances, only to slink off quietly when their moment in the sun is over. A trend that stays on is an oxymoron. And yet, there is one that has beaten the odds.

White sneakers have weathered changing whims and fancies for several seasons now. Why?

For starters, they’re highly versatile. Sporting a neutral colour, white sneakers can go with pretty much any combination of outfit and colour schemes – from casual Ts to floral dresses and chic suits. If you’re more into a relaxed fit, a pair of trainers with a basic tee combo is great. That women have embraced the white sneaker with all shape and manner of dresses is the best part of this trend. They’re truly the new dress up. Even men are suiting up and donning their white sneakers.

They are here to stay. And the biggest reason for that lies in their comfort. Why torture your feet if you can be both trendy and comfortable?

And so we have put together some of our favourites at The ShoeCo, with suggestions on how to pair them!

White Sneakers with Animal Print

As you might have noticed, these Benny sneakers have tiny (and cute!) animal prints on both sides and in the front. You can combine them with a lovely flowy top in black and cream shaded jeans. The red clutch bag is an amazing accessory that will spice up this minimal black-and-white mix.

Ziera Benny

Cherry Blossom Floral Dress and White Sneakers

Going floral is in vogue this summer, and you can see their cheery prints adorn a variety of attire – from lovely ruffle dresses to button-downs and pants. Pair a long, flowy floral dress with flat Leah white sneakers for a stylish dose of bohemian flair. Even though they are flat, they are nonetheless very comfortable with ample arch support and cushioning.

Vionic Leah

Satin Shoelaces

While crop pants may not be suitable for everyone, those who can pull it off will make eyes turn with their bold flair. If you think you can wear them, don’t wait another minute to buy a pair for spring. They will look even better in combination with Heaven sneakers. These sneakers are unique due to their charming satin shoelaces, that makes them look both elegant and casual at the same time.

Solidus Heaven

Metallic Vibe

Choosing something comfortable and fashionable at the same time is not always easy. However, with these Briar sneakers, you’ll be able to achieve this neat combination with relative ease. The metallic shade of these sneakers will bring all your casual outfits to the next level. Classic striped button-downs and jeans are great items for casual Fridays at work and for weekend gatherings.

Ziera Briar

Elegant and Casual Mix

Many women might find themselves in doubt when they need to pick something elegant and comfortable at the same time. That perfect mix might be hard to achieve, but it is definitely not impossible. With white Diego sneakers, every dress you wear will exude a feminine feel mixed with a relaxed vibe, that will lull you into a comfortable mood all day long. Finish everything off with a burgundy handle bag.

Ziera Diego