Athleisure is fast becoming a fashion trend, and it looks like it is here to stay. Improved materials and designs have allowed sportswear to be more versatile, comfortable, and, most of all, fashionable! Gym and sports attire are now making their way out of the gym with much gusto and are fast becoming a big part of everyday wear.

Yet many people may not even know what this term means. Do you? If not, don’t worry – we will explain what it all means.

The term athleisure itself is now part of the modern fashion lexicon. It means casual clothing that you can wear for both exercise and daily purposes. The best part of the athleisure trend is that it combines both comfort and practicality. And if you are judicious in your choice of attire and footwear, you will look fashionable, no matter what.

Athleisure outfits can include yoga pants, tights, sneakers, leggings and shorts, which can be paired with fashionable, dressed-up sweats and various exercise outfits. Blending these items together can be pretty unusual, yet it can also be very trendy and eye-catching. Have you ever contemplated combining a leather jacket with leggings or sporty sneakers? No? Well, let’s do it then!

The ShoeCo offers a wide variety of shoes that are just waiting to get into an athleisure combo. We have prepared some combinations to get you going, but free feel to improvise further!

Turquoise Satin Camisole and Floral Sneakers

This satin camisole isn’t something you can usually wear with sneakers. However, the athleisure trend allows for many elegant-sporty combinations so you can surely try this combo with our sleek Florida sneakers. Finish it with sexy white shorts and don’t forget to add a statement item – in this case, a trendy bag and sunglasses will surely make a powerful impact.

Ziera Florida

Sporty right out from the gym

If you’re headed to the local gym, but want to meet up with your friends afterwards, you will need an appropriate outfit. Sierra sneakers will keep you comfortable with a snug fit and ample arch support. Pair them with a body-fitting top and leggings for a fabulous sporty look, and you’re all ready to go!

Vionic Sierra

Summer in Sneakers

There is nothing more beautiful than those flowy summer dresses. Many women spend an entire summer season flaunting them. However, sandals might prove a tad uncomfortable for prolonged everyday wear, especially if they are not well-designed. If you’re keen to go into athleisure, you would be happy to hear that you can wear sneakers instead. These Peyton sneakers with floral print will be a perfect substitute, don’t you agree?

Ziera Peyton

Workwear Athleisure

Athleisure, when appropriate, can be perfect as semi-casual workwear. Fridays are an excellent occasion for you to show off how you can strike an ideal balance between casual, sporty and elegant. Alley shoes are great since they look very classy without compromising on their exceptional comfort. A fashion backpack, along with a smart blouse and three-quarter jeans, will give you an optimal combo for casual Friday.

Ziera Briar

Red & Gold Vibes

When you want to attract attention and get positive comments, going for dynamic hues is the way to go – and the classic red-gold combination is a tried and proven formula. Offering adjustable straps and underfoot cushioning for fabulous fit and all-day long comfort, the gold Xray flats blend perfectly with a leather bag in bold red that speaks of flair and confidence. Finish everything off with a trendy and chic denim button-down dress, and you’re all ready to transit from the gym to the shopping mall!

Ziera XRay