Comfortable Shoes!

We spend a lot of time walking. Some sources in fact estimate that we’ll have each covered some 150,000km over the course of our lifetimes.

Over the course of this lengthy journey, having the wrong footwear is a sure recipe for trouble. Problems arising from a badly designed shoes run the gamut from bunions, calluses, heel pain and sole inflammation to ankle sprains, backache and a motley mix of other afflictions that can prove surprisingly debilitating and frustrating. Ladies who have had a nasty run-in with ultra heels can surely relate.

Say no to a bad pair of shoes! Then disabuse yourself of the notion that comfortable shoes and aesthetics are mutually exclusive. Orthotics do not equal ugly – that’s just so passé. Here at The ShoeCo. we’ll show you how we elegantly marry comfort with style.

Among other things, a good pair of shoes has a toe box roomy enough to accommodate your toes snugly, adequate arch and heel support for stability, shock absorption technology at the midsole and sufficient cushioning all round for overall comfort.

Once you’ve got all the basics in place, then it’s time to go for style! Take your pick from our array of leading brands like Klouds, Plakton, Arche, BeautiFeel, Dr . Comfort, Solidus, Vionic, Mephisto, Ziera and Scholl.

Here at The ShoeCo., we have assiduously done our homework to bring the best shoes to the multifaceted modern woman – simply because we are a company founded by women, for women.

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