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Children Girls Shoes

Little girls may look more gentle than little boys, but they can be just as physically active and adventurous as they tear up the grassy slopes at the park or scale up the newest rock walls at the children’s playground.

Because they look so cute and adorable, we understand if you have this irresistible desire to doll them up. However, before you go all out, just remember to choose the right footwear for your little girls’ active, growing feet.

Avoid common mistakes by shopping at The ShoeCo., where we have carefully selected footwear for your precious little ones. We would strongly recommend that you:

∞ Choose a pair that protects dainty feet from rough terrain, but have soles that are flexible enough to allow for young foot muscles to grow and strengthen.

∞ Ensure that shoes fit properly so that the child is not prone to trips and falls. Resist the urge to buy that slightly larger pair for the child to grow into. Every alternate month, check if the shoes fit, even if she doesn’t complain.

Avoid footwear that copy adult shoe styles. For instance, slip-on shoes that require your girl to grip the shoes with her toes may cause strain in her feet and legs.

Choose styles that are flexible yet supportive. This means having a firm heel counter, and soles that will not twist and turn.


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