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Children Boys Shoes

As the saying goes, boys will be boys. They run, jump and play, so footwear for these lively kids ought to be designed for prolonged physical activity, so as to keep their young, growing feet comfortable and supported all the time.

Research has also shown that young feet – being composed of relatively soft cartilage – will tend to conform to the shape of their footwear, so it is especially important to ensure that they wear good shoes, so as to keep long-term injuries at bay.

At The ShoeCo., we have a wide selection of sneakers from Kavat, an established Austrian brand that has been making shoes for children for some 40 years already. These sneakers, made of lightweight materials and complemented by ample support and cushioning, come in an assortment of styles and colours, and are ideal for athletic boys who enjoy the active lifestyle!

There will certainly be times when you’ll need your boys to dress up. For such occasions, a spiffy pair of moccasins will go well with a smart-casual look, while school shoes from Ascent fit in perfectly with formal attire for graduation ceremonies and other important events.

We also stock a neat array of strap-on sandals and shoes from other established shoemakers like Richter and Bisgaard, so that your active little boys will never be short of choices. Sporting fun colours and exciting designs, they will definitely delight your children!


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