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Kavat Shoes

In a world dominated by fast-moving consumer goods, Kavat goes against the grain with an operating philosophy that insists on quality and durability. This is hardly surprising since the Swedish word “kavat” means plucky and couragous, aptly describing the characteristics that have defined the shoemaker since the day it was founded.

Manifesting the Scandinavian attention to superior quality, every pair of Kavat shoes is a work of genuine craftsmanship combined with modern technology, resulting in footwear that are absolutely fit for use.

The Kavat XC (Cross Country) leather, for example, is maintenance-free and strongly water repellent, so shoes made of this material are suitable for active kids who enjoy the great outdoors. XC leather is easy to clean using a moist cloth and gentle soap.

Another in-house development, the Kavat EP (Eco Performance) leather is a chrome-free leather produced in Europe, featuring water-repelling properties. This premium material is the result of a leather tanning process that minimises its own environmental impact, and at the same time ensures whatever comes into contact with your feet are free of toxic substances like chromium IV for instance. In short, when you purchase a pair of Kavat shoes, you are getting a product that is friendly both to the environment and yourself.

Here at The ShoeCo., we have a wide-ranging selection of Kavat footwear for boys, girls and toddlers. In addition, spiffy leather shoes, sandals, slippers and ballerina flats, that all come in a variety of vibrant colours and fun designs to delight your kids!

Shop a pair online or simply bring your children to any of our outlets, and our in-store experts will help you find the perfect fit for them.


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