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Bisgaard Shoes

bisgaard-logo Over at The ShoeCo., we insist on bringing in only reliable shoe brands and collections that enhance lifestyles and wellbeing. We are especially vigilant when choosing shoes for children, and to us, Bisgaard represents a highly valued maker of footwear for children.

Bisgaard was founded 2005 in Denmark by Marianne Bisgaard and Henrik Thomsen. Marianne and Henrik grew up with old-fashioned values, and thus hold the conviction the only path for success is via hard work and helping customers make their best choices.

If you ask Bisgaard whether you could buy a pair of shoes for your adorable little tot, they might just recommend that you wait till your child has been walking bare-footed for at least six weeks before wearing his or her first pair of shoes. That’s because it’s important to remember that the bones in young feet might not grow well if confined too early. They really don’t mind waiting for a customer to return!

Bigaard also recommends children’s shoes to be made of real leather that has been carefully treated to be soft and pliable, so as to mould to a child’s feet. Also, they would ask you to bring your child in for measurements before buying a pair so that you get the correct fit for your little boy or girl.

Quite simply, Bisgaard believes in making shoes that fit well, have good quality materials and sport innovative designs. With this simple philosophy, Bisgaard shoes have gone on to capture the hearts of parents and children who love the fine designs and superior quality of the brand. Today, they are a successful enterprise with their quality children’s shoes sold in 18 different countries worldwide.

Remember, happy feet equal happy kids, so bring your children down to any of our outlets to try on a pair of Bisgaard shoes!


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