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Ascent School Shoes

ascent_logo Prior to reaching full maturity at between 12 and 18 years, children’s feet are composed of relatively soft, malleable cartilage. During the developmental stage, forcing growing feet into poorly designed shoes can lead to foot injuries, which could in turn trigger hip and spine problems over the long term.

School children engage in a variety of physical activities, and on a typical day, can take well over 10,000 steps or walk up to 5km or even more. It is therefore especially important to make sure that your kids are wearing good shoes that provide ample support and comfort.

Ascent’s range of school footwear is equipped with an impressive array of sports shoe technology, so that every pair of Ascent shoes offers exceptional stability, durability and cushioning.

A firm heel counter, for example, provides robust support for the ankle, while a full-grain leather upper and quality stitching enhances durability. An Ascent school shoe also features a cushioned heel and forefoot to furnish all-day comfort, and a slip-resistant rubber outsole ensures that your children maintain proper traction with the ground at all times. In a nutshell, Ascent school shoes have no problem doubling up as cross trainers suitable for running, walking and jumping around.

Founded in 2002, Ascent’s deployment of cutting-edge shoe technology and meticulous engineering have earned the shoemaker the prestigious accolade as Australia’s most innovative footwear company to emerge in recent years. In addition, many of Ascent’s school shoes are the only ones approved by the Australasian Podiatry Association.

In other words, when you buy a pair of Ascent school shoes, you can be sure that your children’s feet are well taken care of. Check out our inventory over at The ShoeCo. today – you’ll be sure find a pair to suit your boy or girl.


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