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Shoes For Pregnant Women

Which Shoes Should You Pick When You’re Pregnant?

Happy Feet. Happy Mum.

An expecting mother is a beautiful and sensitive woman that needs special loving care so that she remains in a tip-top health condition to welcome the baby. Taking specific care of your feet at this point could prevent any lingering painful ailments in the future.

What Are Some Common Issues?

Swelling (also medically known as edema) is a common issue that mums-to-be have to face. To cater to the needs of the developing baby, the body produces substantially more blood and body fluids, which leads to swelling.

Swelling affects the hands, face, legs, ankles, and – of course – the feet as well. It is therefore important for pregnant women to choose appropriate footwear which accommodates the change to foot shape.

Furthermore, the extra weight on the mums-to-be will definitely place additional strain on ankle joints, heels and arches. A growing belly also shifts our centre of gravity and alters our gait, so footwear which provides extra support and stability is essential.

What Are Some Things To Note When It Comes To Footwear?

(1) Look for adequate foot support. The weight gained during pregnancy places additional stress on our feet, especially the arches, so footwear that furnishes good arch support can reduce the pressure and alleviate foot pain. Ensure that your shoes have a firm and supportive insole.

(2) For maximal stability, go for shoes with adjustable straps and a strong heel counter so that your feet will not shift about as you walk. The idea is to keep your feet securely anchored to the shoe base. That way, you minimize the risk of sprains and other injuries.

The Ziera shoes we carry are equipped with a underfoot comfort system that offers amazing cushioning and arch support. In addition, they come with slip-resistant soles which are important for all pregnant ladies to stay stable and secure.

Cross Section of a Ziera's Shoe

You may also like to check out our range of Vionic footwear. Backed by leading edge research and development, Vionic shoes feature the award-winning Orthaheel technology, and are ideal for relieving heel, leg and back pain.

(3) you can be sure that your feet will expand as you enter the later stages of pregnancy, so make sure that you get shoes that are broad and come with a roomy toe box.

As your feet are progressively changing size, we’d recommend pregnant ladies to get their feet measured regularly. Feel free to book an appointment with any of our consultants to get your feet measured. We have equipment to accurately measure your foot size as well as arches – and we’ll ensure that you get the best fit possible.

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