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Shoes For Dinner Dresses

Invited to a dinner date, business dinner, smart casual cocktail party or a formal ball? Always complete your ensemble with the perfect pair of shoes.

Invited To Dinner?

Talk about evening shoes and what comes to mind are killer heels, sexy arches and skimpy straps. That makes you worry about having a good time without wincing in pain with every step you take.

Fortunately, there is now a select number of shoe brands that make elegant shoes that have special features to ensure comfort. High heels and comfort are not mutually exclusive. Check out a wide variety of styles – classic pumps, sling backs, platforms, ankle boots from Arche, BeautiFeel, Homers or Ziera.

Yes, you can select different styles of footwear for a glamourous evening event including sandles and flats if they are decked in stylish embellishments such as crystals, pearls or sequins. Shoes made of lavish material such as satin, suede or velvet are also excellent choices.


First Date

While a gal should have the confidence to flout with fashion rules and let her personality shine, there are some useful tips on what to wear on that special first date.

  • Be practical and put on something comfortable that you can walk, eat or stand in! You need to feel good to look good.
  • For a dressy dinner date, some nice choices could be a shift dress, a little cocktail dress or a silk blouse that shows off your best assets. Be careful not to show off too much skin on that first date. If your dress is understated, you may choose statement shoes with intricate designs or embellishments that show off your femininity.
  • If it’s a casual dinner date, go for a great pair of fitted jeans and pair it with a nice silk t-shirt or blouse. You can add a classic black heel or gorgeous suede ankle boots or even a pair of wedges to dress up your look.


Business dinner attire should tastefully convey professionalism and polish. Contrasting a night out with the gals, your style should be subtle and refined. The colours of your dress and shoes tend to be classic and neutral. Extreme hemlines or see-through blouses are to be avoided.

If the dinner is scheduled right after work, you may wear what you wore in the day, so pick something that is not easy crumpled and stylish enough to go from day to night. Pick comfortable close-toed shoes with low to medium heels. For events scheduled later in the evening, in a fine restaurant or as part of a conference, you need a formal business dress such as a dress or pant suit that fits your body well. For a corporate awards dinner, you may be required to wear formal evening dresses.

Business Dinner


Cocktail Party

The dress code may be ambiguous with a cocktail party invitation.

Consider the event purpose and venue. An invitation to your best friend’s birthday party will require very different attire than a corporate or product launch party. Furthermore, an event taking place at a five-star hotel will call for a dressier outfit than something held at a pub with the local band, and certainly more so than a party held at someone’s home.

If you are still unsure, keep the attire simple with an elegant slip dress which you could dress up with eye-catching jewellery pieces or dazzling footwear. You can always remove accessories if you feel over-dressed.


If you’re invited to a white or black tie event, you need to dress accordingly. White tie is the most formal of all dress codes in western fashion. For women, a full-length gown is required. In today’s context, white tie tends to be associated with special ceremonies such as state dinners.

However, if the formal dress request is for black tie, women can wear a full-length gown or a tasteful cocktail dress with those magnificent heels. Regardless, either the dress or your shoes should be overly embellished.   Not both. If you’re wearing an elaborated dress, pair it with dynamic shoes that comes with leather or satin uppers. Velvet and suede can be good choices too. If you’re wearing a basic gown, then feel free to add punch with a pair of shimmery and glistering heels.


Formal Dinner
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