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Comfortable Sandals For Wide Feet

How do we know if a pair of sandals is truly suitable for me?

Too Many Choices?

As mentioned in our previous blog post, Asians tend to have wider feet compared to Caucasians for a given foot length. This means that when choosing footwear, we’ll have to ensure that our shoes have ample width and volume for optimal comfort, especially if you’re planning to wear them over a prolonged period. Take a look at our previous blog post – Are you squeezing your feet into narrow shoes? – for more details.


In Singapore’s sultry tropical climate, sandals come across as a natural choice of casual footwear which we can use for a variety of purposes, so this time we’re going to talk about how you can identify a pair of sandals that is truly suitable for you.

The health complications arising from squeezing our feet into narrow, ill-fitting shoes over the long term have been well-documented by medical research: problems range from corns and calluses, bunions, blisters and other conditions that plague your feet to more serious issues that could affect your spinal health, leading to a deterioration in the quality of daily life.

When choosing your sandals, first ensure that the sole is slightly wider than the base of your foot – make sure that your toes do not exceed the edges of your sandals and you’re pretty much on the right track. Additionally, you should also allow a little space at the end of the footbed so that your heel isn’t hanging off the end of the shoe.

Next, ensure that your feet are fitted comfortably and securely (but not too tightly) to the sandals.  Refrain from letting your feet ‘swim around’ in your sandals as there will be little or no support.  At the same time, you will still need a little bit of space as our feet will tend to swell slightly in hot weather.   So you won’t want your footwear to be overly constricting.  So ideally, go for those that feature adjustable straps – check out our collections from Ziera, Vionic, Solidus and Arche to find a pair that suits you.

Last but not least, pay attention to the soles.  Arch support plays a key role in maintaining foot health and comfort, so while you might be tempted by the dizzying array of fashion sandals that line the shelves – desist! Improperly designed sandals are a strain on your soles, alter your natural gait and are thus unhealthy over the long term.

So make it a point to purchase only footwear that offer ample arch support. Just because we are going casual doesn’t mean that we have to forgo proper protection for our feet. Choose sandals from Vionic and Ziera, which have been designed by long-established shoemaking expertise and are enhanced by a snug fit, proper sole protection and support.

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