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Platform Shoes For Ladies

A Way To Add Extra Inches WITHOUT Adding Stress To The Balls Of Your Feet!

As some podiatrists would insist, even the best designed high-heels are to be worn in moderation. As a rough guide, don’t wear them for more than two hours at a time if you’re standing or walking in them.

Platform shoes thus come into the picture as an alternative to your heels.

Key to comfort in a pair of platform shoes is the FIT – which is influenced by

  • the slant (that is, the height difference between the heel and the ball of the foot);
  • the design of the toe box; and
  • finally, the overall shape of the shoe

So while platforms may give the appearance of a high heel, it could actually be a mid-heel ranging between 2 to 3 inches.

Depending on their design, platform shoes are a versatile type of footwear that goes well with a variety of attire ranging from

  • skinny jeans
  • skirts
  • long dresses and
  • wide-leg, swaying culottes

A good rule of thumb to wearing platform shoes is, the higher the heel, the longer the hem.

While you’re here at this blog, why not take the opportunity to check out our range of Homers platform shoes?

Homers’ collection feature thick platforms that furnish abundant protection from the terrain that you walk on, broad heels and forefeet which provide ample stability to safeguard you from accidental sprains. All these contribute to the overall comfort for your feet, so wouldn’t you be delighted to discover a 3-inch Homers platform furnishing the comfort of a 1-inch heel?

Regardless of platform or wedges, Homers’ shoes are made of high quality leather that come with padded insoles and anti-slipping rubber soles.

Made in Menorca (an island off the eastern coast of Spain), they are attentively manufactured by a group of highly skilled craftsmen who made sure that every pair is beautiful, soft and comfortable.

Inspired by the Spanish flair of the Catalan tradition – when it comes to pairing outfits with any of our Homers’ collection, you can go for Mediterranean dresses that feature soft, flowing lines and vibrant prints or colours.

Platform shoes are a good alternative to heels.  Some clothes in our wardrobe simply needs the height to pull it off.  Why not get a pair and start alternating them with your heels today.

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