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MUMspiration 2017

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Never forget to smile and share your love. That’s what mum always says since I was little. My mum always has a smile on her face l, in good days or bad. She loves and gives unconditionally,  to her loved ones and all who knows her. Thank you mom, for who am I today. I  have learn to receive every new day with a big smile and have learn to use love to touch and comfort others. 

Entry By Florence Wong

She inspires us through her amazing attitude to life ! Full of energy & determination yet gracious and so giving. She’s the epitome of Joie de vivre ! ♥️

Entry By Valerie

My mother-in-law has been a great support to me. She has adopted me like a true son and has been nothing but sweetness and light since her daughter and I got married 7 years ago. When the first grandchild came she was overjoyed and has helped us take care.
For being a hugely caring and helpful mother in law – I say thank you to Alethea

Entry By Simon

My mum is an inspiration because she puts the wellbeing of her family above her own. Her words are HEELing and she is able to SHOE away all our bad dreams. She is thread that binds us together.

Entry By Tania

My 2 sisters and I can never thank my mum enough for bringing us up and taking care of us ( from young till we are mothers now).
Despite her difficult childhood and hardship, she is resilient and always optimistic. She used to lament about being illiterate and the how neglected she was by her parents.
Her life took a turn after she married my late father. She was ‘better off’ but still got to work hard. We remembered her waking up at 4am to deliver the newspapers, then went to the wet market to sell ‘dou kwa’ and would come home to nap before heading to the hawkers centre to help out at the noodles stall from 6-12 midnight.
This hectic lifestyle must have taken a toil on her body and she had stage 3 Breast Cancer when she was in her 40s.
Instead of wallowing in self pity, she was encouraging other chemo patients next to her when she was receiving treatment. Her positive outlook and personality never fail to amaze us and the people around her.
Her illiteracy did not hinder her from pursuing the certification of a ‘Yang Sheng Gong’ teacher.. She has been an active ‘Yang Sheng Gong’ teacher for more than 20 years.
When our beloved late father was diagnosed with nose cancer in 2014, she was with him everywhere he went. During the last days of my late father, we saw the incredible strength when she single-handedly carried my frail father from the bed to the wheelchair. Her emotional strength proved to be our inspiration as she remained cheerful and happy-go-lucky when my father finally left us on 11 May 2015.
She has always been there for us ( within minutes of phonecall away)- physically and emotionally. She’s not educated but her EQ is so impressive. Her sincerity, warmth and optimism not only inspire us but also the people around her.
We are indeed so blessed to be able to call her our “mummy”!

Entry By Veronica

When I was young, my mum stopped working so that she can care for me and my mother. She ensured that we are send to school and fetch home on time, prepared home cooked food for us and give us an environment where we can grow, study and be successful adults. It was 20 odd years of sacrifice. After I got married and have children of my own, she continue to help me take care of my children. Thanks to her and her never ending support and help, I went on to have 4 children of my own. She has been selfless as a mother and now as a grandmother. She helps me with my household so that i can go to work with a peace of mind. She is the nanny, housekeeper, teacher, chef all roll in 1. I am forever indebted to her for her selflessness in the past and now!

Entry By Jamie

Growing up, my Mum showed me a great example of what being a mum and a wife truly is – someone who loves unconditionally and with candor; someone who can build a happy home despite individual differences; and someone who can raise good kids while nurturing a fulfilling career. Truly, mothers are made in heaven.

Entry By Norina Quiambao Mariano

My mom knows me more than anyone else in the world. She just knows when I need help and she will turn up without me asking her to. She really has the sixth sense, I must add.

Entry By Jujube

A wild free-spirited one who enjoys exploring the world yet still very grounded and practical with her ways. She has a fun nature and loves doing small deeds without the need to tell others. 

Entry By Ferina

My mum inspires me to be brave and never give up even if I’m face with the greatest obstacles. She is a survivor for cancer twice but she still remain positive and cheerful so that we will not be worried for her! She will be my role model forever!

Entry By Peiyu

My mum inspires me with her creativity. She extends her creativity to fixing things in the house, problem solving at work and even helping to grow my dad’s business! I wish I was half like her. A long way to go but I will keep trying.

Entry By Cecilia

My beloved mum who is in 80 years age had just passed on on 14th Feb 2017. Although she was not highly educated, but she was a dedicate mum whom woke up in the early hours to prepare us all the three meals without empty our stomach, Financially she also supported us in our educations and even when we are in the society working, she stills supported us.
An awesome and responsible mum whom does everything for the family without thinking of herself even when she was very sickly before the end of her life. Mum, dun worry, you are living in our heart even though you have already left us. We do love and miss you forever.

Entry By Kim Eng

After being a mother, I agree with Mildred B. Vermont’s statement “Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs, since the payment is pure love. “ and it is this very pure love that fuel my mother to do the many impossibles for me.
Cries, worries, anxious and stress were the first gifts I gave to my mum when I was born prematurely as I was lactose intolerance.She tried giving me milk as she was anxious about my weight gain but vomiting, tummy bloating and diarrhea were the symptoms.This did not deter my mum from taking care of me.Instead, she quitted her job and stayed at home to look after me.It was a big sacrifice for her as she did not get the extra money to support the family and she lost part of her freedom of going out with her friends because of me.
Years back,she discovered she cannot hear well. She chose not to tell me.Whenever I conversed with her, she had difficulties listening to me or she was not answering to what I had asked her.Despite having hearing problem, she volunteered to look after my new born baby at night so that I could have ample rest. One night, she thought she hear my baby crying and she rushed out. In the midst of it, she tripped over a small table and fell down. After this accident, she revealed that she has hearing problem and she can’t sleep well. She’s scared that she could not hear my baby crying for her in the middle of the night so most of the time, she is a light sleeper, waking up now and then to check on my baby.During the day, she will do her housework and constantly checks on my baby.Despite having hearing problem, she did not give up on herself. Instead, she’s even more willing to take on more jobs just to make sure we are happy and life goes well for us.
She never complains no matter how difficult life is. She always put up a strong front.I’ve learnt strength, perseverance, sacrifices and the noble love of a mother from her.She’s none other than my mother.I also learn to be a mother because of my mother.

Entry By Wei Wei

My mum has always been a humble and kind soul. She lives a simple life and sets a good example through her daily routines. My mum let me know exactly what the word ” LOVE ” means; she is always helping others, always choose to volunteer her time with needy. Her kindness and self-sacrifice touches many people. She is a supermom because she is always actively playing multiple roles in our household tirelessly:

Sacrificing her energy, time and life so that we, her children, can live comfortable with all our needs fulfilled and ensuring most of our wants are realized;
Playing the clown when we are down to cheer us up,
Playing the nurse when we are sick to feed us medicine and care for us,
Playing the discipline teacher when we break the rules to let us know what is right and wrong,
Playing the counsellor when we are at a lost and guide us along the way,
Playing the cook when we are hungry by preparing mouth-watering dishes to save our grumbling tummies,
Playing the mediator when we get into fights with other family members and keep our family relationship strong.

Until now, her super roles keep on changing on a daily basis depending on the situation and she excels in each and every role that she deserves an Oscar award (Maternal Category – For Best Super-MUM) for her brilliant super performance as a devoted Mother.

Entry By Fion

MY mum is a SUPERWOMEN! My mother came to Singapore in search of a job and worked in several industries. She worked as a tailor, a factory female worker and a waitress. She did many odd jobs throughout her life just to ensure that we had a good living.

My mum is a CARETAKER! When my brother and I were young, she quitted her job to take care of us as she did not have enough money to hire a maid. She would do housework, play with us and lectured us. She never complaint of hardship or difficulties when my father came back from work.

My mum is a EDUCATOR! Despite coming from a low education background, my mother taught us the importance of education. Her biggest dream is for us to attend universities. Both of us bear her words in mind and we made it to university. I have already graduated from local university while my brother attended University of Oxford under a government scholarship.

I could remember my mother being very proud of both of us when we graduated from universities. Even though my brother seemed to attain more achievements than me, my mother never treated us differently. She was equally proud of us and would remind my brother of her teachings.

She never asked for much for me as a daughter. I could not ask for more in a mother. Every Mother’s Day, she would not ask me to bring her to a fancy restaurant or buy her flowers. My brother and I would always make a card of appreciation to her with my best regards and intentions. This year I plan to do the same. My mother likes Chinese poetry too. I will be also celebrating Mother’s Day by dedicating a poem in Chinese to her.


Entry By Hui Ping

Mother-in-law is a simple living and high thinking woman who took her childhood hobby to life in her late 70’s by teaching music  who cannot afford and grows a nursery. She inspires me that age is not a barrier and goals can be achieved through Perseverance.

Entry By Grandhi Anuradha

As Dad took on three jobs to support the family, Mom was our pillar of strength and support at home. She was always there for us, making sure we never skip a meal or neglect our school work. She inspired me to be a Mom who is here for my children.

Entry By Jamie Soh

My mum been dedicating herself to tirelessly bringing me up and looking after the family. She has worked very hard. She does everything, from early in the morning (preparing breakfast for us) to doing housework to late at night (including doing men’s work like changing ceiling lights, to chasing cockroaches.)

Entry By Bee Leng

When i suffered from depression several years ago, my mum had never left my side after knowing my condition. Although she had to work, she would constantly call to check on me. Whenever there’s time, she would always be with me and brought me out. Its because of her dedication and focused that i finally walked out of depression. She inspires me to be selfless and focused and be able to help people in times of difficulties. 

Entry By Esther

Dear Mummy,
I look up to you because in many ways, you embody the spirit of a strong elephant in taking care of me!

No elephant has ever complained about carrying the weight of its trunk, similarly, you have never lamented about the tears and fears in bringing me up, nor feel burdened by the weight of this huge task that required great responsibility. You did it with smile, with such ease, and I’m constantly awed by your determination!

The elephant’s trunk serves as a nose, a hand, an extra foot, a signaling device, a tool for gathering food, siphoning water, digging and much more. Thanks for the trunk load of efforts you put into the happenings in my life, always being there for me, encouraging me along the way!

Without you, I wouldn’t know how great a mother’s love can be, one that inspires me to be a good mother as well!

Entry By Mei Ying

My Wife have decided to quit her job to become a stay at home mum to look after the family.

It was never an easy job to look after a preschooler for 24hours a day.

I am grateful for an awesome wife, she is the best mum to our boy!!

Entry By Jason
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