Are You Squeezing Your Feet Into Narrow Shoes?

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Are You Squeezing Your Feet Into Narrow Shoes?

Getting A Cram Or An Ache At The End Of Your Day?

“Hurting feet” may sound trivial, but that’s not something which should be glossed over as some minor nuisance. As much research has shown, ill-fitting footwear leads to a variety of health issues over the long term, ranging from bunions and calluses to serious back injury that may impair the quality of our daily lives.

While it may boil down to a matter of making sensible choices, it also helps to take note of genetic differences between Asian and Caucasian feet.

By and large, Asians tend to have feet that are wider for a given foot length compared to Caucasians, who generally have narrower feet.

Measurement For Shoes

Without going into too much technical details, a well-fitting pair of shoes should furnish ample width across the foot for the bone structure, and also have sufficient volume (or girth) to comfortably accommodate the joint of your big toe and the amount of flesh the foot has.

Studies have shown that the natural padding underfoot decreases with age – by the age of 50, as much as 50% of the padding may have dissipated. Generally, the amount of flesh on our feet decreases as we age, so it’s important to measure your feet periodically and get the correct size. It’s also important to ensure adequate room for the 3rd, 4th and 5th toes for optimal comfort.

If you’d like to get your feet measured and arches assessed, simply book a free consultation with TheShoeCo today. And while you’re at our outlets, you can also check out our diverse range of footwear which includes a neat collection of boots, dress shoes and sandals from Ziera, an established brand founded by two podiatrists, Mervyn Adams and David Robertson.

With the philosophy that every pair of feet is unique, Ziera has developed an impressive array of technologies – such as adjustable straps, elastic gores and lacing systems – to give customers unparalleled comfort. Enjoy a perfect fit with Ziera’s multiple width fitting system that includes two different forefoot inserts to customize shoe volume, from narrow to an extra-wide fitting.

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